Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Task 2

“Small individual actions can create longer collective difference”
MY TRASH another person’s treasure
The past one week was really demanding, I had to properly dispose my trash and create a recycling system in my home which I belief will have a long lasting positive effect on my surrounding environment even though we don’t have a good waste disposal system in my community.
Food wraps
Egg shells
Plantain and potato peels
Tissue paper
Damaged lamp holders
Used toothpaste pack
Plastic bottles
Glass bottles
Metal cans
Nylon bags
·    The plastic bottles were properly rinsed and reused in the home to store drinking water and other liquid in the house such as vegetable oil.
·    Glass bottles were packed in a specific bin till I eventually sold them to people who come around from house to house to purchase such materials which are later recycled in factories.

·    Metal cans were also stored in another specific bin and later sold to blacksmith who reforge them into other materials such as cooking utensils.


      my used cans (over a week) at the blacksmith workshop, the other picture is showing me and the blacksmiths during reforging

·    I discovered I had lots of old newspapers and magazines which I personally packaged and took to a paper recycling factory that was 2 hours away from my community by road on the sixth day. I also made little cash from the sales which covered my transport to the factory.
·    Nylon bags were reused as shopping bags.
“As little as I have, I know that there is always someone out there who has less than I do”
·    Elementary school textbooks I used while in elementary school, I donated the books  to Al-Hikmah nursery and primary school,Gusau library
·    Secondary school textbooks I used while in secondary school, I donated the books to Government Girls Secondary School, Gusau library.
·    Oversized T shirt was donated to Mr. Segun Abolarin (a Tanker driver that lives 2 blocks away)
·    Shoes and jeans were donated to Yusuf Abolarin (only son of Segun Abolarin).
·    Children interactive novels I used while growing up were donated to Hope orphanage Gusau.
One thing that touched me most was the smile I saw on Yusuf Abolarin’s face when I gave him the shoes and jeans which signified appreciation, though he is out of school due to financial challenges but hope to get back into school next year. At that point I could feel a warrior within me.
“Everything I consume has an impact in the world”
What I consume
·    Food – Rice,         beans,      yam,        potato,      plantain, sugar,           bread,      noodles,       eggs,        beverages,        milk,             meat,        fish.
·    Water – for drinking, washing, bathing and cooking.
·    Electricity

What I could economize
I flushed the water closet with less water and also reduced my consumption of water during washing of clothes and dishes.
Beverages – I took lots of water and reduced my beverage consumption all through the week,i was able to save money from not buying much beverages.i stuck to 1 - 2 cans a day.
Meat – I reduced my consumption of meat to once in three days
Sugar – I reduced my intake of sugar and substituted it with honey which is lot more cheaper in my community.
This reduction in purchase of these items had a significant positive effect on my income; I was able to save some money.

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