Thursday, October 14, 2010

Task 6


The game was exciting and inspiring as well as challenging, demanding and worthwhile; i had to do so many challenging things i had not done before.Playing the game gave me the chance to see and approach things related to the environment in a more positive way.
Though demanding, I was able to explore hidden abilities within me to achieve my set goals.

“Experience is the best teacher” they say, i have learnt so many things, gained some skills, and explored abilities within me while playing the game. The advantages of  playing the game include
·         Preparing me in becoming a better and more creative social enterpreneur by helping me see possibilities in impossibilities and making the best use of every available resources around me.
·         Helped me to discover and explore abilities within me that made it possible for me to achieve my set goals
The game has really brought out the warrior within me , the warrior within that is ready to create change and make use of every available opportunity to affect lives positively through  social enterpreneurship. It has also created a great zeal and drive within me to remodify and redefine things around me for the growth of my community and the world at large.
The part of the task i like the most was when i gave Yusuf Abolarin some items (shoe and jean), i could see the joy in him which in turn created much joy  and drive in me to do more.

Task 5

Acting the plan has been exciting. I was able to clear out a waste site with the help of the  volunteers and the labourers.
·         The first day was spent locating the sites, informing the volunteers about my plan, what i intend to achieve with the plan and hiring the labourers that will work the next day on the site.
·         The second day – I moved to the site and started work with the labourers and the volunteers, the day was really challenging because that was the first time most of us will be doing that kind of  work(clearing waste site). We worked for three hours on that day and made significant progress though there was still much to clear. some of the useful item that were found include metal scraps, cans, plastics and glass, majority of the waste were kitchen wastes and very dirty polythene bags which were cleared from the site and taken to the incinerator nearest to the site.

one of the metal scraps found on that day

·         Third day – work resumed as usual and everything went well with all volunteers and labourers on board, much progress was made and we could gather more useful items, we worked for three hours.
·         Fourth day was really challenging because we had to clear up the remaining sites totally and we took the useful items to the blacksmith (metal scraps and cans) which we gathered, the blacksmith bought the items for N24,000(approximately $170 us dollars).The plastic items were taken to the recycling factory in the neighboring state by one of the volunteers and sold for N6,000( approximately $42 us dollars).The four labourers were also paid N4200 (approximately $30 us dollars) each from the sales of the items.
·         Fifth day was unlike the past three days, i headed to the market to buy waste bins that will be distributed to homes free. I was able to purchase ten waste bins for N4400 ( approximately $31 us dollars) which were distributed to homes around my house that don't have waste bins in their homes.That same day i donated the remaining money  N8500 (approximately$60 us dollars) to Hope orphanage.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Task 4

I am going to work with volunteers who are fellow youths that are energetic and purposeful. The youths (volunteers) are colleagues that I had  worked with in my previous  outreaches and projects. The youth(volunteers) are passionate about creating change,eager to affect lives positively and are all trustworthy.Their names are Alex, Sadiq, Gbenga, Amara, Funmi, Oguchi and Debo
myself and the volunteers i will be working with.
I will also employ unskilled labourers to helpin the clearing and packaging of the waste, they will be paid from money gained from sales of the useful items in the waste.
I will sell the metal scraps to a blacksmith who will be willing to buy the scraps.
The youths(volunteers) and the unskilled labourers will help in the clearing of the site and also the sorting out of the useful items in the waste.
Since the clearing is not capital intensive because I will be using volunteers that will work free and labourers that will be paid from proceed from sales of the useful items in the waste, very few  item will be purchased.Majority of items to be purchased are tools for clearing such as hoes, rakes, hand gloves, sacks, boots and a hired van for tranportation. 
Majority of the work to be done is unskilled so the volunteer and labourers  do not need to be highly skilled, all they need to do is be energetic  and purposeful.
I plan to finish clearing the first site in 4 days and I will furthermore go on to clear more site.
I hope to involve more youth in the clearing and the creation of awareness as time goes on and make this campaign( keep your environment clean awareness) a long lasting one until the message has been effectively passed and results are seen in reduction of waste on the road side and piles of waste everywhere

Task 3

I presently live in a fairly large community in the northern part of Nigeria though I am from a tribe in the south western part of Nigeria. My community is largely dominated by energetic youth, promising children and inspiring adults but poor infrastructure, damaged roads and poor waste disposal system  has adversely affected the environment, human development and productivity.
I am particularly interested in the environment which directly or indirectly has affected the health of the populace and their living conditions negatively due to poor waste disposal system and infrastructure. Recently there was an outbreak of cholera in the community which threatened many lives most of which were children.
Most houses in my community don’t have waste bins, wastes are thrown out of the home directly into the streets, the streets don’t have good drainage system which has caused rainwater and flowing waste water from homes to spoil the access roads, the waste also block gutters hereby stopping the flow of water which creates a breeding medium for mosquitoes (stagnant water) and other agents that cause deadly diseases.
Many of these wastes end up in piles at road sides and unwanted places hereby causing a great mess, the waste, aside reducing the aesthetic value of the environment; it creates a suitable breeding place for mosquitoes and other disease causing agents which will eventually affect the health of the people living around the place.

I plan to help clear out the waste in my localized community using volunteers and some labourers, the labourers will be paid from money gained from sales of useful scraps (metal, plastic, glass ,e.t.c) in the pile of waste while the useless scraps will be properly disposed of by taking them to the locally made incinerators.  The useful scraps will be sorted and sold to raise funds to;
·         Pay the labourers.
·         Buy waste bins that will be distributed free to homes.
·         The remaining money will be donated to Hope orphanage.
I also plan to create environmental awareness on the negative effects of reckless waste disposal, though the community lacks good waste disposal system, the message of proper waste disposal will still be passed by informing them not to throw waste directly into the street but instead take it to any incinerator located near them, though may be far, and also to buy waste bins in their homes. A “keep your environment clean” awareness will be created. Sign post showing “do not dump refuse here” will be put in cleared sites to discourage people from dumping waste at such sites that have been cleared by me, the volunteers and labourers.
·         I will first of all map out and select the piles of waste I want to clear in my community
·         I will go and check the type and amount of wastes that are available in the pile so as to determine the number of volunteers I will involve in the clearing.
·         I will inform the volunteers about my plan to clear out the piles of waste in the community and sell useful scraps such as metals and plastics to raise money to pay the labourers that will be working with us, buy waste bins and give it free to homes so as to reduce improper waste disposal and donate the remaining money to Hope orphanage.The useless scraps will be properly disposed in the incinerator rather than leave them on the road side and on the streets.
·         I will also inform them that the whole exercise is not just about raising money alone but also help to secure the health of the people by clearing the piles of wastes that are hazardous to health.