Thursday, October 14, 2010

Task 5

Acting the plan has been exciting. I was able to clear out a waste site with the help of the  volunteers and the labourers.
·         The first day was spent locating the sites, informing the volunteers about my plan, what i intend to achieve with the plan and hiring the labourers that will work the next day on the site.
·         The second day – I moved to the site and started work with the labourers and the volunteers, the day was really challenging because that was the first time most of us will be doing that kind of  work(clearing waste site). We worked for three hours on that day and made significant progress though there was still much to clear. some of the useful item that were found include metal scraps, cans, plastics and glass, majority of the waste were kitchen wastes and very dirty polythene bags which were cleared from the site and taken to the incinerator nearest to the site.

one of the metal scraps found on that day

·         Third day – work resumed as usual and everything went well with all volunteers and labourers on board, much progress was made and we could gather more useful items, we worked for three hours.
·         Fourth day was really challenging because we had to clear up the remaining sites totally and we took the useful items to the blacksmith (metal scraps and cans) which we gathered, the blacksmith bought the items for N24,000(approximately $170 us dollars).The plastic items were taken to the recycling factory in the neighboring state by one of the volunteers and sold for N6,000( approximately $42 us dollars).The four labourers were also paid N4200 (approximately $30 us dollars) each from the sales of the items.
·         Fifth day was unlike the past three days, i headed to the market to buy waste bins that will be distributed to homes free. I was able to purchase ten waste bins for N4400 ( approximately $31 us dollars) which were distributed to homes around my house that don't have waste bins in their homes.That same day i donated the remaining money  N8500 (approximately$60 us dollars) to Hope orphanage.

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  1. It would be great to see some pictures of the place after the cleaning.