Saturday, October 9, 2010

Task 4

I am going to work with volunteers who are fellow youths that are energetic and purposeful. The youths (volunteers) are colleagues that I had  worked with in my previous  outreaches and projects. The youth(volunteers) are passionate about creating change,eager to affect lives positively and are all trustworthy.Their names are Alex, Sadiq, Gbenga, Amara, Funmi, Oguchi and Debo
myself and the volunteers i will be working with.
I will also employ unskilled labourers to helpin the clearing and packaging of the waste, they will be paid from money gained from sales of the useful items in the waste.
I will sell the metal scraps to a blacksmith who will be willing to buy the scraps.
The youths(volunteers) and the unskilled labourers will help in the clearing of the site and also the sorting out of the useful items in the waste.
Since the clearing is not capital intensive because I will be using volunteers that will work free and labourers that will be paid from proceed from sales of the useful items in the waste, very few  item will be purchased.Majority of items to be purchased are tools for clearing such as hoes, rakes, hand gloves, sacks, boots and a hired van for tranportation. 
Majority of the work to be done is unskilled so the volunteer and labourers  do not need to be highly skilled, all they need to do is be energetic  and purposeful.
I plan to finish clearing the first site in 4 days and I will furthermore go on to clear more site.
I hope to involve more youth in the clearing and the creation of awareness as time goes on and make this campaign( keep your environment clean awareness) a long lasting one until the message has been effectively passed and results are seen in reduction of waste on the road side and piles of waste everywhere

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