Thursday, October 14, 2010

Task 6


The game was exciting and inspiring as well as challenging, demanding and worthwhile; i had to do so many challenging things i had not done before.Playing the game gave me the chance to see and approach things related to the environment in a more positive way.
Though demanding, I was able to explore hidden abilities within me to achieve my set goals.

“Experience is the best teacher” they say, i have learnt so many things, gained some skills, and explored abilities within me while playing the game. The advantages of  playing the game include
·         Preparing me in becoming a better and more creative social enterpreneur by helping me see possibilities in impossibilities and making the best use of every available resources around me.
·         Helped me to discover and explore abilities within me that made it possible for me to achieve my set goals
The game has really brought out the warrior within me , the warrior within that is ready to create change and make use of every available opportunity to affect lives positively through  social enterpreneurship. It has also created a great zeal and drive within me to remodify and redefine things around me for the growth of my community and the world at large.
The part of the task i like the most was when i gave Yusuf Abolarin some items (shoe and jean), i could see the joy in him which in turn created much joy  and drive in me to do more.

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